File A Complaint

To file a complaint related to your insurance policy, please call ICC Care at +961 1 999069 to discuss your issue with our experts or leave us a voice or chat message to our WhatsApp number at 81 999069 and we will call you back.

Your complaint will be recorded and the ICC Care team will take the appropriate actions to ensure smooth and timely resolution.

Please have a copy of your policy at hand to provide the necessary details if required.

Your complaint will be given a reference number. Make sure you write it down for future follow-up and inquiries.

Alternatively, you may contact ICC Care by:

Complaint Handling Process

The ICC Care team’s main objective is to offer adequate assistance and consultation for complaints related to insurance policies and services.
The team follows an analytical process to handle the complaint:

  • Understand the issue from the perspective of the policyholder or beneficiary
  • Collect information and documentation from the policyholder or beneficiary related to his case
  • Contact the insurance company regarding the matter of complaint, and discuss regulations and contract terms with the relevant departments in order to reach a solution in line with the prevailing regulations and with the terms and conditions of the insurance contract
  • Collect documents from the company as required to validate their assertions and the basis of their position
  • Analyze and compare documents and information received and design a fair solution that is then proposed to both insurance company and complainer
  • In cases where the proposed solution is rejected by one of the parties, legal alternatives are recommended, including the possible filing of a case with the Insurance Arbitration Council.

All complaints are registered in soft and hard copies, and properly archived at closure for statistical and analytical purposes.